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Barbara Farmer
So much more than just to have a pamper treatment is having a massage by Mary. Part of it is relaxing while someone else does all the hard work! A blissed-out experience that will leave your body feeling good. A pain-relief without the pain! GO ON - TREAT YOURSELF.
15 July 2011 - United Kingdom

Mrs W
Having spent many years with hospitals and indeed many an hour, being treated by various specialists and therapists after a spinal, then subsequent neck injury; I was resigned to the fact that pain and stiffness would be part of my life for good. However, having been to several treatments with Mary, I am using far less pain relief medication and am far less stiff a huge difference! I am able to work with my physical and busy lifestyle, in the knowledge that my body is able to work more efficiently with help and understanding.

Mary is professional, considerate and knowledgeable in her practice, and her treatments are relaxing, liberating and beneficial.

I am happy to recommend Mary to anyone who, like myself, has struggled with joint, muscle and tendon/ligament troubles and is looking for an alternative therapy.
08 June 2011 - Minehead

As a sufferer of back-pain for over 25 years, I can vouch for the efficacy of Mary's treatments.
31 May 2011 - Somerset

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